I guess no one is home.

Well at least that is what it feels like around these parts. My last post was back in January.

A sad, but very adorable little girl [Agnes from Despicable Me]

I know we are all sad by that. I could sit here and expound upon the myriad of excuses for why I haven’t posted a blog in such a long time, but in the end I just haven’t done what I have needed to do. And it is time I get back to doing what I want to be doing and not sitting there wishing I had done something… that only leads to regret.

OK, I’ll go into one of the reasons, excuses, justifications, etc. for not writing a bit over the past year. I have been itching to get into a new place. Someplace that I could sprawl out a bit more to allow me to explore the things I want to do a bit more easily. So I got my house ready, put it on the market, sold it, and bought another house. Sometimes you find something really speaks to you.

I looked for quite some time trying to find somewhere that felt comfortable and felt like I could really call home. [Side note: this is something, in retrospect, that I didn’t do well in my last home. I think partly because I always thought it was going to be a temporary place to live – a “good starter home” so to speak. This, I think, sabotaged me into not really investing in the idea of making it my home while I lived there and just kept it as a place to sleep – and hopefully something I will avoid in my new home. Now back to our original broadcast.]

Once I saw this home come on the market I was so excited to see it. It offered lots of things that I wanted. It is one story [walking down the side path a bit again: I will avoid multi-story homes in the future whenever possible. Growing up I thought they would be fun, but I just ended up hating it. Now back on the original path of our journey]. It has several rooms that I could use as an office/craft room, or make one of each if I want to, and possibly rent out. It has a somewhat open layout; there is a wall in the middle of the home dividing the family and living room, but it has a large opening that doubles as an atrium. It has a large front and back yard with RV gates on both side, which allows for great access to the backyard. It has a shed that with a little work can be made into workshop.

I think I realized that I wanted, and maybe to a certain extent needed, the house when I realized that I had a different attitude than previous homes I looked at. Every house has its own unique charms to it… sometimes called issues. When I was looking at other homes I would be a little annoyed by the issues and would ask myself inwardly why they did that, or why don’t they bother fixing that problem. As I was pondering if I should buy the house one thing sealed it in my mind. As I walked through this house, I would see a problem and think to myself, “You know, I can fix that.” That change in attitude was how I came to buy a new home.

With this new home I see so much potential. There are things to fix and it really hasn’t been updated or remodeled since it was built so it is somewhat of a blank canvas for me to put my own style on it. The good thing is that all this has the extra benefit of providing lots of material I can use to blog about. I get the opportunity to explore a lot of different things to plan what I am going to do, learn how to do things, and then make it happen. So here is a to a more productive year than the past.

To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on.
~ Dave Pelzer ~